istoo (istoo) wrote,

The boy replies

[Mon 27 Sept 2004]
I may as well put my replies in a post than in the comments, because I want to :) and because I can edit entries, but can only delete / repost comments if I make mistakes there. And I can sort of answer both of you in one go.

Oh yes the poem is sort of about me :) I should have added that note at the end (which I have ETA'd now). I just wanted to put down a few details about myself, but wanted it interesting, so did it in poem form. Not sure if you can work out what I tried to say. If you like I can give you the details again, after you tried to decipher it.

Red : I just went back to look for it (your posts don't have titles which I just realized) and of course you said sonnet there. Doh, silly me :) I had only started reading your journal from when I joined or when I friended you, so don't know how often you wrote poetry. I was going to start reading from the beginning (luckily you didn't start your journal years ago) and only read the first one so far.

Did you wish a return poem? No, you don't have to do that :) I only write if my inspiration / insanity strikes too. Only wrote it for others to read (and hopefully answer a few things that you might have wanted to know about me), not expecting a poem in return for it. I would be happy to see another poem of yours, but it is not necessary :)

Eastern or eastern? Umm, I had forgotten that there may be a difference. Which one would refer to the eastern countries, Asia, the Orient and areas around there? I didn't want too specific and eastern sounded ok.

Deb : Thank you, I enjoyed writing it (though I still like to add change or tweak things afterwards to poems sometimes). I can reveal what I was trying to say, either in the comments or another post, depends if you two want to know. Was trying to make it sort of old style poem for some reason.
Wow, you feel honored, and I thought it was just a little poem. I was just glad you liked it. Oh, I'm not a writer though, so not that good at giving critiques. If you would still like me to look at your work, you can send to @ (I realize now that I could have got the part without periods / fullstops, as it might not be that nice to type with them).

Why are your posts back-dated? No, not because I am in the in U.K. (although the short answer could be because I'm weird, eccentric or silly).
Longish story? Perhaps. So my first lot of entires were done each day, though they were not that interesting (was writing for myself when didn't have friends list or knew that anyone was reading). There was only so much I could say if it seemed like most days / weeks seemed to be similar to those before.
So I wanted to write about something, a topic or theme each day, and write a little about it, whatever comes to mind, with un-verified facts and whatever I could think of. Unfortunately that meant I didn't write as much, and so it was not up to date (I didn't want to leave gaps in the journal, as I was not writing about day to day things that required entries be placed according to the day they occurred.). [Yes I know I left one empty, in case you wanted to mention that, Red :) ].
So now I'm putting in the date for future reference, and so I can see how big the gap is between entry date and actual date. (I refer you back to the comment about being silly.) Does that make sense?

Thanks, I hope your day was wonderful too.

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