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You just can't live without it

[Edit: changed the title from the previous one of 'Intermission', to the same name of the poem.]

HIya, I'm still around, reading journals, and journals, though not so much with the writing of posts unfortunately. I know there's no rush, it's not a race, but I want to get more entries done for some reason. Especially want to finish off August before the end of September.
[Note to future self if confused : from around 15th August, all these posts are sort of backdated, or in other words, late. This entry was written and posted on Monday 20th September, just after Talk like a Pirate day.]

Anyhow, while you are waiting for my next offering, how about I show you a poem? Just to let you know that I'm still doing something, and say hello to boobookityy33, in case she thinks I only update once in a blue moon or something. I don't know if she would want to read through what I have written so far. [I still don't know why you would want to read through them twice R, can I call you Red? I only read them when writing, then tend to forget them. :) ]

So, onto the 'poem', which I will put after this cut :

[I wanted to try and put a cut in, just waited for a long enough post.]

Well, my poems are usually quite basic, simple rhymes from a simple mind. No iambic pentameters or anything fancy like that. :) I'm not really sure if I should post this, as I only just wrote it today, so it is rough and liable to be rewritten and have a title change in the future. The title is temporary, will change it if I think up another one.

You just can't live without it

What's it all about you say?
I think that it's made up this way :

Of events that you did not foresee,
of things that should not be.
Dreams that you wish could come true,
hopes that good things happen to you.

The same old routines, rinse and repeat.
Didn't we do this before, last week?
A blast from the past, so long ago.
Great to hear from someone you know.

The gems that you find day to day,
treasures that are along your way.

Of weathering the storms,
batten down the hatches.
Of mowing the lawn
and sending dispatches.

The bringing of joy, not sorrow or despair.
Losing one's marbles, or losing one's hair.

Parties and celebrations of things to come.
Solemn remembrance of those that have gone.
The good, the bad and the ugly too.
Those far and near that are dear to you.

All the ghost stories that keep you awake,
the boys that go for your lovely milkshake.
Whiskers on kittens and puppy dogs' tails,
sending invites to sign up for gmail

Aches and pains, cuts and bruises.
Watching who wins, seeing who loses.
Singing show tunes on a subway train,
enjoying sunshine, avoiding the rain.

It's mostly like that, with so much more.
That's how life is, what it has in store.

As I have said, as you can see,
this is what I think 'Life' means to me.
Tags: poetry, stuff, writing

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