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Comment allez-vous?

Sort of a catch up with comments post.

How long after a post do you think a reply / comment would be a bit too late? Over a week? I think just a few days after a post would be acceptable. Too long after a week or more, and the original post might have been forgotten.

Anyhow, I have seemed to have slowed down in my output of posts lately. I have some notes written down, but take a while to get them rewritten as an entry. Because I am sort of writing a mini essay with each post rather than a list of activities or occurrences during a day, then I try to have a start middle and end, though not always successful. It can be tricky when I try to think up a conclusion for the post, which I don't usually have.

Not to mention being slower because I am busy reading so many other peoples' journals, and their comments, and maybe start looking at some commenter's journals as well. Sometimes I can think up and write a quick reply in the comments, but other times they seem to take longer to do and I end up not sending any comment at all.

I only know a few of those that might be reading my journal, as there might be others that read but have not befriended me (which I don't mind). So you probably know who I am referring to when I put some of my reply /comments here for you to read.

Some comments

R :
About recommendations for books. Did you see lydwin's list of books questionnaire thing?
In the library, I saw the inside backcover text of Fool's Fate (The Tawny Man, Book 3) which said something like : Robin Hobb under the name of Megan Lindholm has written a number of fantasy books - The Reindeer People, Wolf's Brother, Wizard of the Pigeons, Cloven Hooves and the Ki and Vandien quartet - Harpy's Flight, The Windsingers, The Limbreth Gate and Luck of the Wheels.
She even has a website at

I have only read up to book 6 or 7 of Wheel of Time books, and the New Spring prequel. Got a little tricky trying to keep up with all the characters, where they all were, and what they were doing. I guess I'm not that well read enough to know about all the 'plagiarism and thievery RJ's gone through to create the storyline of WoT'. There are a lot of classics that I have not read.

Have you read any books by David Drake? There are 4 in a series that I know of called The Lord of the Isles, Queen of the Damned, Servant of the Dragon, and Mistress of the Catacombs. I think the characterizations may be a little like those in the WoT series though.

34. Manual work in a factory. Was unemployed, worked for a temp agency (manual work, nothing brainy) and got work at factory, still there after a year. See that was short wasn't it? :)


A :
[I know I probably won't get a quick reply as I'm not a regular poster, and she may be busy with a certain computer game at the moment :)]

What do you think of this haiku? (Snapple Fact #179)

Eighteen eighty six.
Statue of Liberty : first
electric lighthouse.

Asian food snacks - I like dried sweet mango pieces. Not sure what dried pickled mango is like. Also like dried cuttlefish. Can you get something like beef or pork jerky (I guess you might call it that) over there? I don't like hot spicy foods myself.

I had never heard of emos until you mentioned it. Then afterwards I saw it mentioned in one journal, and that's about it. Oh and because you had the cookie monster icon, I first read it as elmo for some reason. :)

I put the photo request links in the comments of one of your recent posts instead of here.


I don't really have any comments for F or Al, so I'll just say hiya and hope you are well.

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