istoo (istoo) wrote,

Parcel post

You can call me silly if you like, for paying for the postage of a parcel overseas, that was over twice the cost of the contents of said parcel. But it couldn't be helped so much as I did not know how heavy it was until I got to post office, and did not know that packages over 2 kilograms would go by a more expensive route. Just have to remember that next time. The package will not be continuing its postal journey until it is picked up on Monday, because parcels are sent off at noon on Saturdays and no more deliveries until Monday.
I'm guessing that it might take over 2 weeks to reach its destination, if it does get there (had one or two things get lost in the post, they did not show up at other end).

(ETA : think the parcel was received sometime in August, so 3 months .)

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