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renne wrote a post : 'meta: reader appreciation from writers, yes or no?' about comments and feedback to and from writers.

So this is just about what I think about feedback to my poems.
I don't think of my poems as that special, as the way I write them is fairly basic. Sometimes I have an idea or theme of what I want it to turn out, other times I just write notes and phrases down, mixing and matching parts and rewriting until it looks ok. While I am glad when I make something like others like to read, it's always possible that a poem can be rewritten (which can make me feel unsure whether or not a poem is ok, or even quite finished /polished).

I like feedback, even if it is just letting me know that someone has read something of mine. Have seen a poetry community on LiveJournal with people putting up their poems. Somehow it looks a little sad to me that some of the posts do not have any comments on them, as they would not know if anyone has read their work if no one leaves a comment.

I do not mind constructive criticism or suggestions because as I said above, sometimes I feel a poem of mine may need some more polish, to rewrite and work on it. I'm only an amateur at poetry writing, have not really been doing this for all that long I feel. If someone tells me what they thought about my poem, what it may have meant to them, it's good to hear from another person's point of view. And if they have some ideas or suggestions, I don't mind hearing them and considering changes.

What I'm trying to say is feel free to voice your thoughts and offer suggestions if you want to, I will take them under advisement, but will not get mad at anyone for suggesting something.

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