istoo (istoo) wrote,

Zodiac meme

After yayhappens who got it by way of islandgirlsj.
I think it's a bit too much though, not so accurate (saints, ha).

Toosi, A very special Cancerian

Toosi is a tough cookie. You can't pull the wool over Toosi's eyes and you had better not try! Toosi was born under the sign of the crab and he can deliver a very nasty nip! Cancerians may not be the fiercest creatures in the zodiac but they are blessed with a brilliant set of self-defence mechanisms. They have impenetrable armour and sharp, scary claws. Toosi's shell is especially strong. He won't let anyone come anywhere near to his heart unless he knows for sure that they mean no harm. His impeccable instincts inform him of this and alert him to act accordingly. This is why the world around Toosi is divided into two sorts of people - those who don't know quite what to make of him and those who have been fortunate enough to meet the real Toosi.

The real Toosi is soft, kind, caring, loving and giving. So soft, so kind, so special as to deserve a sainthood. All praise to 'Saint Toosi the Caring.' 'Saint Toosi the Caring.' It has a ring to it does it not? It is fair comment, is it not? Indeed it is, as all who know the true nature of Toosi will willingly and eagerly confirm. There's only one problem with being a saint. It is what it does to your ego. Toosi is a true saint and true saints are not just naturally loving and compassionate, they are also naturally humble. But true saints have a tendency to turn into martyrs. Sometimes, just sometimes, Toosi can be a little too good for his own good.

You can find your zodiac details here.
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