istoo (istoo) wrote,

Prawns and other picspam

Here are some pics.

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Had some prawns one day, so though I'd take some pics of them. Usually the heads are already removed, because I didn't know that they had such long whiskers, or feelers or antennae, whatever they're called. And those black beady looking eyes are sort of strange. I like how the skin under the shell has little red spots, which I did not notice before.
I just stuck these pics here for because I had them, no real reason. :)

Glasses old and new
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Before they broke, I took a few pics of my old glasses, so I thought I'd ty take some of my new pair in similar positions for comparison. Not sure if you can tell from the images, but the new specs have smaller shaped and thinner lenses, with thinner frames. Which means I now worry that I might snap them whenever I clean my lenses.

My hair cut
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It's a bit tricky trying to take self photos by just holding the camera at your head and clicking, you can't tell where it's aimed at or what you'll get. These were only 2 pics that I liked that showed my hair cut. Do they make my ear look big (or forehead)?

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