istoo (istoo) wrote,

Sweet thing

This is mostly for Renne and Dush, and anyone else who wants to look at some unwrapped chocolate. You can just skip to the pictures.
Explanation I guess : I'm silly. After I got a reaction when I posted a pic of chocolate, I thought I could try to take some more pics, hopefully without a crack this time.

Maybe I should put these in a table.

fully clothed
Image Hosted by

top off
Image Hosted by

open shirt
Image Hosted by

full length shot thumbnail
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Image Hosted by

So there are a few close ups of the words on the bubbles, if you want to see those too. I don't know what size you can handle, or how big an image to use, as the output from the camera come out as 2048 by 1536 pixels each, which are over 1 Mb in size sometimes.

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