istoo (istoo) wrote,

Random stuff

Wanted to do a 'random stuff' post before, but still don't know if have enough things to write in it.

Looking at the poems I've posted, I see that I have done at least one poem a month since I started LiveJournaling.

On the user info pages there is a button to Search the journal (of whose info page you are on). Either I'm not using it right, or it does not work properly - results come from other journals, not the journal of whom the user info you clicked from.

I should post more at weekends because Sari finds it too quiet on LJ at weekends it's quiet on LJ then.

Think I feel bleh today, though not sure what bleh actually means. In this case I think unfulfilled, not realizing my potential or using opportunities. Not getting a life :)

Possible RSI ache has changed from thumb and fingers to the right side of the wrist, possibly due to mouse usage (have moved mouse mat closer but guess still stretching a bit too far) [soaking in warm hot water seemed to ease it a little].

Would have put "taking photographs of chocolate to put on my LJ" as one of the "ten things I've done that other may not have", but I know one of you has already done that. :)

My gmail account now has 50 invites I could send out. Previously was given 5 or 10, but this seems quite a bit much. There are places where I could hand them out I suppose, but would take awhile.

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