istoo (istoo) wrote,

White blanket

Here's the local weather report for last week (and a few days this following week).

White blanket

As the city rests its weary self,
it breathes a hushed sigh,
while winds herald their arrival.

They fall.
Slowly and silently,
borne by air currents
to land softly on the ground.

placed by unseen hands
they find a place to rest.
Plenty of space around.

draped over everything.
Icing sugar dusted onto peaks,
a blanket fills the valleys.

Day begins with the sun,
stretching out its arms
to give a warm embrace.

like a smile that sparkles in the light.
But soon it is sent on its way,
warm enough that a blanket is no longer needed.

Don't want to write too much about the weather, so put some into a poem instead. This could be a follow up or companion to the Brrr poem. I rejected the alternative titles of 'snow' for being too obvious and boring, and 'white night' for being corny. :)
Tags: poetry, writing

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