istoo (istoo) wrote,

I'd like to thank...

You always hurt the ones you love. You never know how much you miss someone until they are gone.

I know that I sometimes take people for granted (sorry), so this may be hypocritical. And I just remembered that the Americans have Thanksgiving, which probably defeats the point of this whole post. So I'll just get this over and done with as quickly as possible. :)

There are probably lots of holidays that are types of appreciation days (and someone cynical could say that some are made up by the greeting card companies), though I think the only ones in the UK are days like Mother's day, Father's day, etc. I'm not sure what days there are in other countries all around the world, though only just recently saw in someone's post about a System Administrator Appreciation Day.
[from the webpage : System Administrator Appreciation Day - A special day, once a year, to acknowledge the worthiness and appreciation of the person occupying the role, especially as it is often this person who really keeps the wheels of your company turning.]

Back to my point again... Ok, the people we care about, that care for us, look after us, those that we love and love us back, are people we should be thankful for. But that's not all. When people are in need, some come to the rescue, help us out. Some can make life a better place, more fun and bearable, bringing happiness, joy, laughter and healing.

Sometimes we may take them for granted, and don't always show them our gratitude or tell them that we love them. So we need to remember to show our thanks now and again, with a hug, kiss, card, note, letter, flowers, gifts, a helping hand, whatever it takes. Even people that we know a little more than strangers, though may have less than deep friendships with, could do with some love and thanks occasionally. [Hope this did not sound too sappy. Need to write better endings to my posts.]
Cheers to all the good people.

Music: (in my head) "You Were Always On My Mind" sung by Elvis Presley.

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