istoo (istoo) wrote,


Second entry, and already I'm getting the feeling of 'what should I write now, ooh let's go look at something on the web while I'm thinking' and general procrastination stuff that makes it later before I even get started with writing.
(While starting to not make much sense in my sentences, or is that just me being tired?)

I did have a little bit planned on what to say, and it was just a bit about the weather and how warm it is at the moment. But thought that it would be a bit dull, so ditched that idea (until probably tomorrow or later when I get stuck again and try to use it to fill space).

At least there's not a blank screen in front of me to start off with now, as it can be somewhat like a writer's block trying to think of something to put down when all you see is blankness before you.

Well, it looks like I'm going to have silly / weird / confusing / dull entries, that only I would want to read. And then peter out and stop writing again (which I probably should not say or it will happen).
Still looking at the different styles and themes to see which one I like.

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