istoo (istoo) wrote,

More sleep, Less late

While it is nice to get some extra sleep in the morning, it is not so great when in reality it means I didn't hear the alarm and overslept :I Being the first one to get up on weekdays means that there's no one to wake me if I oversleep, so I need to rely on myself. I think I actually had the feeling that I should check what time it was, but it wasn't strong enough to wake me it seems. Anyhow, I normally give myself an hour before I leave home, so I wasn't an hour late, more like 20 minutes. Had to skip breakfast completely, just did the morning ablutions and went. Glad that I don't have to spend time looking presentable (am a bit scruffy at work, maybe that is a reason why I can't get dates :)
Rushed rushed and managed to get there 10 minutes late, which wasn't too bad. The lesson learned today : don't stay up too late if you have to get up early the following day (or get better alarm clock).

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