istoo (istoo) wrote,

Gmail Invites revisited

I guess perhaps gmail has some more capacity and have given more invites to people to use, or xmas Presents From Google Gmail as someone put it.

Looking for gmail links again I find the LJ has two communities :

gmail which is 'The Gmail community. Talk about Gmail.' according to the user info.
It also says :
1. Please don't offer or ask for invites to Gmail here.
Check out the Gmail Invite Spooler for that.
[The Spooler is at]

gmail_invites is where you can post your invites. The user info says :
This is just a community for people to share invites for GMAIL
The only thing I ask is that you don't post asking for invites.
If people have invites that they want to share, they'll post about them.

Other places you can give your invitations to apart from are

gmail swap, where you may be able to swap invites for something. and seem to be gmail 4 troops. They say they have enough donations at the moment though.

They are all the gmail places that I know of at the moment,

A link for info About Gmail. Or as gmail swap says on its homepage : What is Gmail? Gmail is a free webmail service from Google, the people who do the search engine. Like Hotmail, but better.

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