istoo (istoo) wrote,

Xmas Day

This is what happened on 25th December, and how it compares with a normal day off.

Woke up late - usual for most days off, get to stay up late night before.

Did not leave the building - Christmas is probably the only holiday where it is not worth going out, as most shops and places are closed, or assumed to be closed for the day.

Sat in front of the computer or tv - without the need or ability to go out to the high street or shops, then it boils down to laziness. Tidying up did not enter my mind at all (yes I'm a slob). So was in front of the television, or computer when someone else took the remote or nothing on that I wanted to see.

Was mostly playing computer games, or watched some dvds, or checked out live journal, read what people did or posted on this day, and to try and write some entries. But apart from that, nothing much happened.

It was fun and relaxing, no pressure to do anything much. I suppose I could have used the day better and did some thinking, contemplation, sort things out, as there was no religious or holiday celebrating here. Hope that doesn't sound bad.

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