istoo (istoo) wrote,


Don't have a more snowy xmassy type poem, this is the latest that I had finished.


No starlight in the sky,
as storm clouds form in the night.
Slowly from the distance,
they head closer.

The pressure builds in the air
and rain begins to fall.

A wall of water comes down,
drops to splatter and smash,
to hit the rooftops from above,
batter and pound against panes,
attempting to gain entry.

Relentless, it falls,
tries to cleanse and wash away,
though cannot clean it all.

Thunder rumbles its deep roar,
resounding its anger and frustration.
While fingers of lightning
stab and strike at the earth,
to leave its mark below.

The gales whine and howl,
they cry and moan their displeasure.

Cold rain falls for a while,
but will eventually slow and stop.
Skies will clear again
and the sunshine return
to hold back the storm.

Mostly another one using metaphors to describe something. Well, that's how it started out as. Not sure if has the same message / image as I first started it.
Tags: poetry, writing

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