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It took me a while to 'discover' the library and all the books they had inside. I started around high school time, though it would have been useful if I had used libraries for homework research. But when I come to think about it, I don't think I have had much success in using library books for reference or study, mostly go for the fiction.
So I when I didn't have classes and could go home, I went to the library instead sometimes, due to not wanting to be home just yet, not much on tv (only had like 4 channels before satellite / cable was available) and started to like reading stories. I could stay there for hours reading short stories and missing lunch sometimes.
Nowadays there is also free internet, which I can sometimes take advantage of, but I still occasionally stay and read something for a while, even though I could just borrow it and take it home. Maybe it's the old idea / feeling of solitude and quietness of the library that I like. I don't mind being on my own sometimes.

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