istoo (istoo) wrote,

Shout Out - Hello

HIya. I forgot to do a shout out [Yo! Shout out to my honeyz, as I think they say on the street]. Although I used to think of it as saying hello to new friends on my friends list.

*cheery voice*
So welcome to my humble journal, please excuse the mess. Make yourselves at home and have fun. However, I must warn you...
*changes to scary voice*
You must never, ever (EVAH), look under the stairs (that's where someone lives), or go into the attic, or the cellar, or go into the woods (Alone. At night. When there's a full moOn out). [I warned those pesky kids, but would they listen? no.]
*back to cheery voice*
But apart from that feel free to look around.

It's been a while since I added new friends, so I will just say hi to a new few that read this (I friended some others to read their journal, so not expecting them to visit me unless I make a comment or they spot me adding them).

*opens envelope*
And the winners are...
</a></b></a>, because I cannot recall if I had said hi after friending her. She's busy at the moment, but hiya anyway :)

stolensanity, whose entries seem to be either poetic, lyric, minimalistic or cryptic. But I like them anyway. :)

renne, whose journal I lurked on for a bit before introducing myself (no bahleeted = yay!). If you still want a minion, you may have to negotiate with kittygopounce, as she had recruited me for some world domination before, though not been busy with duties as yet. I think it might be ok to work for you as well, if you want me take me now as a minion.

Don't know if you have nicknames I could call you, me being a lazy typer and all.

dushkology (aka the Dush, BFF of renne) and howle (Ducks) like to spam. Wanted in many states, they carry smart mouths and sharp wits. Approach with caution, considered funny. :)

You would let me know if I overdo it won't you?

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