istoo (istoo) wrote,

My genderation

Sometimes I cannot tell gender of a journaler, (LJer, whatever you might call them) when they have non specific usernames. According to the Statistics, 67.3% of those who specified are Female, so that would be a good assumption to make. I know that some put their picture up as icons or avatars, but some also put pictures of their favourite singer / actor / star, and if I don't know who the picture is of, then I cannot tell if it them or a celebrity. (Not to mention that their favourite is usually of the opposite gender.)
Anyway, you can probably tell a little from what they write about, what they say and how they say it may give an indication of gender. So I had wondered if what I say in my posts indicate my genderness. Or would someone who didn't know it be able to guess, seeing as I don't have pics or gender revealing name.

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