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You can probably guess what the idea for this poem is :)


Unopened eyes see a time of freedom, of being
unbound by the chains of responsibility, to bask
underneath a clear warm sky, relaxing beside
undulating waves of blue. I want to lie
unconscious during the day and party all night long,
until the early hours of the morning.
Unanimous in our delight as we rest
undaunted by the march of time. I watch others as they are
unadorned with heavy burdens. This is where I want to be,
united with my heart's content, at peace, in joy, just
U 'n' I

Simple idea, not sure if it went ok. While I was writing one of my previous poems, I came up with a few words beginning with a 'un' prefix. So I had the idea to try and write a poem with 'un' words at the start of each line. I looked up some words, though did not want too many with it as a prefix, and tried to think of a theme to write about. The title of the piece was sort of worked out, as I had wanted it titled with a word beginning with 'un', so it is literally 'un' titled rather than untitled.
Tags: poetry, writing

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