istoo (istoo) wrote,

New layout

You probably do not notice this, if you read my entries from your friends page view, but I changed my layout. It was time for a change I guess, was getting al little bored with the previous one, but mostly it was because I could not tell where the hyperlinks were in my fview, because of the link and text colour being similar.
Was previously using a S1 type layout, now changed to S2. Took me a while first selecting a design, as a few of them were not listed in the preview. Then had to go through the colour schemes available and see which ones looked nice, Which meant selecting that colour scheme, applying it, check how nice or awful it is, then switching to the next one. Finally decided on a blue one, probably the first blue colours and shade that saw earlier as default.
Think that's all for now, maybe can do some more tomorrow.

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