istoo (istoo) wrote,

Oh cookies

Oh I see now. Still was not able to log in to Live Journal, and was getting worried (withdrawal symptoms already?), and wondering whether to just post for now, and worry about moving and tidying up the posts afterwards, when I could eventually hopefully get through.
So did other things while waiting, like check email, and found that hotmail was not working, (though gmail was). Eventually after a few other sites, found out that it was the cookies not being allowed (or something) that was affecting hotmail, and possibly live journal. Went to check and change a few settings on the browser and can log in to LJ again. Phew. No cold turkey sandwiches tonight :)
Though now it's late and I just have to rush this post trying to explain it all. (Did I hear someone say 'convoluted'?). :) [So I guess this means that gmail doesn't use cookies, or it was allowed through, as it was working ok, and I could see comments that were posted to my journal.]

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