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new profile page

The beta of the new profile page is no longer in beta, and there are a lot of people that don't like it, according to comments made in the news post.
Some people didn't know there was a beta of the new version, having missed it or were not watchers of certain LJ info journals, such as news and lj_design.

ETA : I had a thought and did a search - There are three users (and 1 community) that have 'the old profile page' in their interests list

Some notes for future reference.

How to remove your journal from the LJSeek search that used to be on the new profile page

ETA : the search function may have been removed, as I can no longer see it the search box on profile pages.

LJ Profile Adjustments Greasemonkey script
A Greasemonkey script that lets you choose the tweaks you want to apply to the profile page.
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