istoo (istoo) wrote,

One track rhymes

It seems that I have written over 10 poems now (I've put them in my memories if anyone wants to read them again). I have not written that many poems before, so being here on Live Journal has helped.

I might have mentioned this previously, but I get some of my rhymes subconsciously from song lyrics I guess, because I don't know enough poetry. I cannot recall more than 2 or 3 lines of any poem that I know, which doesn't matter as I can't think of that many poems at the moment.

I will try to make my poems different from each other if possible. That is, I don't want too many of them to be of the same theme, such as breaking up / leaving (perhaps akin to blues or country & western sad songs), or love affection (love ballads I guess). So I will try to use a different theme now and then. Maybe I could do some other types of poems such as sonnets and haiku. Just have to look up how to do iambic pentameters, and work on seasonal references or just do haiku style poems like a long while back on yayhappens's comments to a post.

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