January 1st, 2009

sinfest percy and pooch

New year 2009

So I went outside to have a look around. A few shops were open today so did a little shopping. Wanted to see how quiet it was, how many people would be out. I must have left the house at a quiet moment, as there was absolutely no one in sight for a minute or so. It was like those scenes in the movies when a lot of the population were gone (or changed into vampires or zombies or some such) and there were no other humans to be seen.
It wasn't completely deserted, most people were at the shops and the traffic was fairly light. I didn't look outside on Christmas day, so I don't know if it was very quiet outside then. I wonder if people stayed indoors because it was cold, or if they were nursing hangovers or flu symptoms.
I liked that it was quieter than the usual traffic noise and crowds of people in their holiday rush, I could even hear some birds singing in the trees in some places.

I'm not one for resolutions, as I'm not very organized or good with making plans and sticking to them. But I will try to get things done and make changes. The usual stuff, such as be more organized, waste less time, tidy things up, save more money. We'll see how it goes.