January 4th, 2006

sinfest percy and pooch


A new year, so what's new with me? Hardly anything new to write about. What can be said when every working week is similar to the previous one? Where each day is mostly like the other and the only ways to differentiate between them is whether it is the weekend or not, and what programme is on tv that night. I don't mean to sound negative if it comes across that way, it is just that sometimes there doesn't seem to be much to write about.

Here's some trivia :
Finished reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, which I liked.
Might start a list of the books that I have read this year - I made list of books read before, but stopped doing a while back.
There are new programmes coming on tv soon such as Prison break, Supernatural (which replaces Numb3rs), My name is Earl, Bones. As well as new seasons of other shows such as Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, House, the Stargates.

There's probably more, but I've forgotten it at the moment.