January 3rd, 2006

sinfest percy and pooch

To do list

Maybe I could make some resolutions this year, just for a change. Didn't do it before as not that good at that sort of thing (guess I'm too lazy not so motivated), and if I don't make any, I can't break them.

Maybe I'll just call it a list of things to do or keep in mind, rather than resolutions, if a survey is right that said "Belgians most likely to keep New Year vows, Britons expect to fail".
So a list of general stuff to keep in mind :

spend less and save more
get more sleep, even if it is overrated
clean up - try to reduce messy piles of stuff
try to live a little / live more
be more creative -
write more - finish poetry and perhaps start some fiction
keep in contact with old friends
more communication with others
make time for important things like above

be healthy wealthy and wise, be good. be happy

(ETA: I've probably broken most of these now, or not actually started on some of them.)

I like the icon that hunterdane has with a to do list with the items :
Take care of mind and soul
Show others respect
Laugh every day
Show bravery
Be generous
Enjoy life

I will try to laugh every day and enjoy life at least.