November 25th, 2005

sinfest percy and pooch

Chocs away

I'm telling myself to stop, otherwise it might turn into some sort of obsession, if it hasn't already. So, just one more and I'll give it a rest. Nothing much, it's just that I sent a small package of chocolate bars (and a little tea) to a complete stranger, just because they had it on their 'holiday wishlist' (and had their address to send things to, I obviously can't send something if I don't know that). 'Holiday wishlist' being a meme thing wherein you put a list of things you like and details of where to send, and if anyone who reads it that wants to send something, can do.
If I knew what else to send and I was able to get it, I would send those instead, but it was mostly chocolate and tea for the time being. Yeah I know it's a bit strange, I just hope it's not creepy. :)