November 4th, 2005

sinfest percy and pooch

A man, a plan

"A man, a plan, a canal, Panama." - I like this palindrome.

I had an idea, (it's crazy but it just might work) and so a plan.

The plan is a simple one, get up early on the day, get to the place, get a book or something signed then get on out of there.

The idea? go to a signing by Neil Gaiman on Saturday 12th November in London. Why might this be a strange (let's go for eccentric, as I like that word) idea? Because I don't consider myself a Gaiman fan (yet). Don't have any of his books, or read anything other than some Sandman. Neverwhere was on tv a long while ago, and I can't recall any of it.

I'm a sheep, just copying and following others sometimes. Seen other people on LJ talk about him, and going to a signing, and have officialgaiman on their friends lists, so I've added that to mine. He recently posted details of where he will be, and has signings and stuff in the UK, with one or two in London. So the idea was spur of that moment to go to a signing.

I have not been to a signing before, so don't know quite what to expect. It's a sort of 'that might be fun' type thing I sometimes think of doing.

What do you think, is that sad or strange?