June 16th, 2005

sinfest percy and pooch

I don't know

There are a lot of things that I do not know.

I had one of those free webspace things, and didn't know what to put on it.
Had an online diary and didn't have much worth writing about there.
Started a greatest journal when live journal had a blackout, and still haven't been back to add stuff to it (livejournal seems more lively and fun, I don't really know many people over there, even though GJ has lots of free icons and themes and picture hosting I think). I have the use of a digital camera, but don't know what to take pictures of.
I guess that I have had opportunities for things but didn't have the creative ability to use them.

Don't know if I have 'a life', as I'm not really doing much with what I have.
"I don't know" was kind of a catchphrase of mine I think, at least in my head that I used to say to myself. I still do occasionally.