February 23rd, 2005

sinfest percy and pooch


I don't know how to make compliments I think sometimes, or figure out a person's strengths and weaknesses (especially don't like to think of mine).

[I can't do the 'Ten things I've done that you may not have' meme as I cannot think of a thing. Then again, I forget a lot of things, so either I've been most ordinary, or perhaps worse is I have done things but forgotten them, though that's highly unlikely.]

From happyeverafter is the meme :
Comment here and I'll tell you why I like* you. Then you put this in your journal.

But I'm worried that I'll end up saying mostly the same thing or don't know what to say. Oh well, we'll see.

*adore/love/worship were also in the list, where applicable (but I think I sound strange if I added those).