February 14th, 2005

sinfest percy and pooch

Valentine's Day

I hope that you all had a nice Valentine's Day.
My day was mostly the same as last year's, with a few exceptions. This year I have World of Warcraft to keep me company (yes, that could be one reason why I am still single :) And also LiveJournal. I didn't do much today except perhaps look at things a little differently, just in case there was something I could write about. Seemed to notice more people buying flowers and things today, while last year I was not paying attention. I am not involved in the same things they are but I'm not sad about it today like most days. I am content, and happy if you lot are having a nice time :) (This was not supposed to sound sad or anything.)

Something that was unexpected today was a visit in comments by Cleolinda, who today was a Valentine's fairy, and Valentined (icon) me. Was a bit late to do the same, so I did the icon thing on the 15th. (yes backdated entry, sorry if that is confusing :)
So a woot for Cleo and a woot for Sari's later visit :)