January 22nd, 2005

sinfest percy and pooch

Broken silence

This is sort of the first version I had in mind, a different poem about silence.

Broken silence

Here in this
uncomfortable silence,
I am shocked and speechless.

Your words hang in the air,
unlike the sword,
which has already fallen.

Now it seems so long ago,
that we used to laugh
and be together.

I have lost you,
though you are still
here in front of me.

A chasm forms between us.
Things have changed,
I cannot bridge the gap.

You no longer want me.
I no longer have you,
only a hole in my heart.

You do not love me anymore.

This one is about an uncomfortable silence between two people when one has dropped the bombshell of breaking up. Sorta, I imagine.
Still kind of rough, as it was cobbled together from notes and not polished.
I should work on some more upbeat poems next I think :)