January 21st, 2005

sinfest percy and pooch

In the silence

My creativity must be slowing down, almost haven't posted a poem this month.

In the silence

I am in the dark, alone.
You are not here, only your silence.
No more conversation.
What else can I say,
when there is no reply?

I sit here not knowing.
Waiting, Will I hear from you again?
Wondering, Where are you now?
Hoping you are well,
and that the life you lead is good.

I can feel the link between us
slowly stretching apart.
Will it snap and break?
How did we become friends
that have faded into the distance?

I cannot hear you anymore.

My first ideas were about an uncomfortable silence between two people (which I guess I could still write), but it turned into a poem about the silence of friends that you lose contact with, when you no longer hear back from them.