January 15th, 2005

sinfest percy and pooch

LJ power cut

Live Journal had a power loss for about 24 hours, over the course of the 15th. Practically every regular lj'er knows this, so I'm just writing this as a reminder, rather than leaving a blank.
Ok, Hard Drive Failure, and no computer for about a day, I can handle.
No connection on the internet one morning was fine, it was back up again later.
But no LJ for a day, there was a sense of loss, because I knew that the whole thing was unavailable, and lots of people would miss out on the writing, reading and the general community of the place.

Didn't exactly panic, just a mild degree of denial I guess, with regular checking for updates at the powerloss page (hey, it's still there, or you can look at the power-loss post-mortem).
Apart from that, the rest of the day turned out to be like any other weekend : went out for groceries and paid some bills. Out and about for a while, even though I could have been online.
It was only later that I remembered that I could try GreatestJournal while Live Journal was down. Looked around there and saw a few that were from LJ. I will have to put some icons and maybe graphics up there some time.