December 10th, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch

Be happy

I try to be cheerful when I can. Don't think I am pessimistic (not always down), optimistic (know not everything is rosy), pragmatic (not usually practical or matter-of-fact) or realistic (sometimes in a world of my own I think), but probably a little of each, or there may be a better term.
Anyway, I know that there will always be times when I am sad. It is when I am bored, indifferent, lethargic or just bleah (but otherwise ok), that I know that it might help to be a little happier. So if possible I try to think about something to make me smile, happy thoughts, about something amusing funny someone said / did online, or last joke / amusing thing I can recall (well someone needs to laugh at my jokes).
I like it if I can make someone grin or yay, (don't think I can make anyone squee just yet :) because it is nice to have a smile on your face, and enjoy things while they last.