December 4th, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch

Handwriting meme

Well here's an idea, which I sort of yoinked (stole is such a harsh word) from </a></b></a>renne and </a></b></a>dush.

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Here's the thing - a handwriting / penmanship / calligraphy meme.
Just take a piece of paper, pen and digicam / scanning ability.
Write some text on the paper in your neatest nicest handwriting, or alternatively, in embarrassingly scruffy handwriting. Turn some of the written piece into a picture file and post in your journal. Then you can either say how bad you consider your penmanship, or show how lovely it is to everyone. And perhaps worry what graphologists can find out about you.

It's probably been done before, if not then it originated with renne and dushkology. I'm just passing it on. I suppose you could variations of it, with doodles or home made comic strips, or even things like finger paintings. (Yes, ideas from those two again).