November 7th, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch

Paging Ms. Muse

The weekend is usually the best day for me to write down notes, ideas and work on poetry, as I have some quiet time. Not to mention the fact that I do not have access to computer or internet with it's inherent temptations of a procrastinatory (yes! it is a word, I thought I was making it up :) nature. But lately I have been slowing down on the poetry, and was reading more this weekend. I used to just read newspapers or whatever book I had, and did not even occur to me to use the time to work on writing, as this was before I started here on LJ. Well, I'm not getting that many new ideas, and have a few things to finish, so I hope that Ms. Muse has not yet left the building. Still, I don't want to say 'O Muse, where do you conceal yourself from my waning heart'? because I need her to stay around. And besides, that phrase is sort of (tm) kittygopounce.