October 7th, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch


New poem, changed the ending and a few lines, and the title (though still think there might be a better one).


I won't let obstacles stand in my way,
you blocked me so many times.
I will climb whatever is before me,
and be above it all.

I won't follow the routes you give,
your diversions lead me astray.
I'm going to follow the path I set myself,
that will lead me to my goals.

I won't listen to all that you say,
your words bring lies and confusion.
I will make my own mind up
and find the truths for myself.

I won't let you suffocate me,
as you have tried before.
I will breathe fresh air again,
you can no longer restrain me.

I won't play by the rules of your game,
you try to change the odds in your favour.
I will go elsewhere to have my fun,
and find the prize on my own.

I defy the law of your gravity,
you can't bring me down.
I will fly so high and see so far,
now that I am released.

I won't stay here any longer,
where I'm not respected.
I will leave for another place,
and start a better life.

Inspiration was from looking at user pics of phaedrine and read an icon with text on it, added to thoughts about one of boobookityy33's userinfoDeb's poems.
Editted to add : The last part that was there previously seemed better as a separate paired offering side by side. So I put them in the next post.