September 10th, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch

Not much of a post

End of the day already. Not really that much time to do much of a post. Haven't got any new finished poems, so might show a few old short ones next time, while waiting for more inspiration and trying to finish what I have fragments of.
As usual, I was doing 'something else', though not all of it was procrastination, messing about or reading journals. I did start some stuff that I had to do, which I have to finish off when I can.
Hope you are well, or getting better at least :)

[Oh, if you are interested, had some inspiration just then and a start of a poem. Was looking at user pics of phaedrine and read the icon with text on it, along with it's title in the middle, getting something like gravity of someone else's game, or rules of gravity. With that added to thoughts of Deb's poem I got a possible part for a new poem. I will have to be careful not to end up with something to similar to Deb's. Only have one verse for now, which so far in a 'raw' state is as follows : I'm not going to play by the rules of your gravity / I won't let you bring me down. / Will soar so high away from you / and I will start again. ]