August 25th, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch

LJ Revisited

Ok, some of this text below was originally going to be in the previous post, but I cut it out. So it's not like leftovers or anything, more like clips from the cutting room floor re-edited. Like the deleted scenes on DVDs (more analogies to follow). Just wanted to post them anyway.

I have looked though some of my old favorite's links, that I haven't touched for a while and seen where they lead to. Some sites are gone, some look about the same (or I can't recall how they looked before), while some look different. It is like being away for a while, and then returning to your hometown to see how things are now. To see the places that you used to go to and had fun in, the house you grew up in, your old school, those sort of places. How some places may still look the same, while others altered to some extent or have something else in it's place. A different house, a mall, or they paved it all and put up a parking lot.

Anyway, I'm now visiting Live Journal when I did not really know it the first time that I had the chance. [More analogy, so skip to next paragraph to avoid my second attempt at simile] Somewhat like visiting a person's place and not looking at the area they live in, or outside the window at all the other homes. And then going to another person's place at a later time, and realizing that it is in a nearby neighborhood. This time you look at all the houses and apartment complexes, the communities as meeting places, all sorts of things you missed seeing before. That's enough, you get the idea, don't want to go into 'getting a place of my own', and 'meeting the neighborhood' type descriptions.

Have been here a little while now, learning that there is some etiquette that should be aware of, looking around and finding new things (such as the link to LJ Recent Comments) and being befriended back by nice people ( hiya to kittygopounce and ferelwing :).