August 24th, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch

There to here

Just a recap for myself, places I have been to on the world wide web.

If you count telnet, then I guess one of the first things I did on the internet was when we were supposed to use computers for study. Another student had been told about a fun non-study thing : a MUD (text based adventure game), which you could log into using telnet. Still visit that these days, as it's not gone yet.

The first thing I can recall using a browser on the internet for (apart from web searching) was visiting chat rooms, which is where I first got this username. Sometimes I find it tricky trying to think up a name or some words to represent the user identity that I want. Still have to think a while if I have to make up a new username. Not sure how the chat rooms are like these days, I don't have the old account there anymore.

After that I guess it was mostly looking around the web, flitting about different sites. Had tried to do webpages at those free webspace places, but don't really have any content to put up. Also been to h2g2 where I guess the idea to write posts about things could have come from. There have been some places where I have signed up, started or stayed awhile but now have left. [Note to self : need to check and clean up old links in favorites]

Anyway (this is starting to look long, so I just I should hurry it up a bit), back when I had more time to delve around the 'net, I used to read web logs for a while. Some of them were actually from here, Live Journal. For some reason I had not checked out LJ at that time, so did not know that all this was here. (This was a while back, so I would not know what fun things here were different then.) A quick check of properties of an old link says 2002 or 2003. (why is the created date after the modified date here?)

Back to the present, and after someone telling me of Live Journal, reading the journals of people I know on line, I reached the point where I thought to try starting a journal here. It's a nice place, with friendly people (luckily haven't met anyone not so nice yet) and I like things like posting comments and joining communities that are here. So here I am :)