August 23rd, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch

Taking notes

Now that I am trying to write more, I have started carrying a notepad or bring paper so I can jot things down if inspiration strikes (ha). Have to write it down as I don't have access to a computer until I get back home, nor anywhere I could stop at on the journey homeward (e.g. internet cafe). Though some thoughts slip through when hands are occupied and forget to jot something down.

Still have to type up from the notes, and they seem to shrink a little in content when on the computer, sometimes need to add some more to make it look ok to me. Occasionally get snippets that might be good for poems, and then would need to recopy them out someplace else for safe keeping.

At least I have paper for notes. Still have old writing pads that I bought for studies, and have not used. Don't want to waste paper, and did not have anything good to write on them, so put them away somewhere. What I can't do is write in hard backed notebooks, because they are too nice and special. I feel that you would use those shiny and smart books to write things that you want to protect or keep. Not something I would want to sully with the scratchy scrawl that my handwriting generally deteriorates to. Occasionally my penmanship is presentable, even neat, and other times I don't want anyone to see it. Did not get enough practice for neater handwriting when younger.