August 5th, 2004

sinfest percy and pooch

There is an Igormud community

Drats, another late entry. I really need to cut down on getting too much input, and at least finish some output in the form of an entry, before I go off to enjoy the delights of other peoples' journals and other exciting things to read and do on the internet. This paragraph (and maybe many more of the first paragraphs of following entries) will probably repeat a variation of the above.

Did start making a small list of the sort of topics that I could write about, but left them somewhere, need to find it tomorrow before the weekend comes. [Gets back to continue this entry after going to another window for a while] Now where was I?

Well, starting with one livejournal and looking at friends and others' journals, I found some of the journals of others that I know are from Igor mud. There's even a community for Igor mud. Which means more time spent reading some if not alot of their entries, probably come the weekend, not enough time during the week nights.

Look like this is turning into another of those 'not got anything much to say, so you could perhaps skip this one' type entries. Was thinking of rewriting this, but it is getting late, and I read some of J's journal and her quote on 04 August 2004 10:06am. Not sure if that means you can write it once, but not rewrite it. Guess I'll leave it for now, if I want a rewrite, I will have to do so tomorrow, when there is more time.