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Oh no, the more I do this journal, the more I write later. But I should keep going and hang in there, otherwise it will be giving in too easily and not making the most of it. And stuff. Sometimes don't know what to say. Which can be a bit of a problem if set myself to write something at least once a day.
[ note to self : so stop reading other livejournals and get on with it! ]

How about tonight I write about something that a majority of us do : sleep.
One writer of a livejournal I have read has problems sleeping, I think severe insomnia they said. Now I don't have any good cures for insomnia, as I don't know if they actually work. Myself, I sometimes have trouble sleeping, falling asleep. Probably due to a few factors such as bed, the temperature / weather, whether I have been thinking too much (i.e. not relaxing and having the mind still processing stuff to shutdown easily), that sort of thing. [ make up your own joke about a male thinking, let alone thinking too much ]

Sure, some of it is my own fault, especially staying up, going to sleep late, and then feeling sleepy when it's time to get up, and sleep throughout the day, but not sleepy enough when it gets to bedtime. Would like chance to have naps during the day, even a siesta would be nice, but not always possible.

Not sure how effective they are, but the only things I know about helping you get to sleep are warm milky drink before sleep, winding down early (e.g. taking a bath, not doing to many things that involve concentrating, working things out etc.) and probably a few other things that I've read someplace and completely forgotten. Such as if possible, try to stay up as late as possible, and try to keep awake the following day as well until you feel sleepy at bedtime. Which you could do say over the weekend, or on days when you don't have to work.
I'm probably wrong, so can't give that as advice.

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