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I know it's strange that I'm trying to fill up each day with one entry, and not writing that often means it's now a month behind. Just odd, I am, or eccentric? Will do it this way for a while, maybe try posting a number of posts in one day, if I get more poems finished (and perhaps write more separate entries instead of fewer long ones). I think I have some text I wrote down but wanted to expand upon for a post, which I might just quickly do next time, save it lying around not doing anything. Just need to finish off a poem for next post, dated 19th September (any ideas what it might be about, something light, not a serious one).

My poems take a while to form, sometimes I had fragments that are not used, or changed. Here are two from my previous poems.

[original scene from Synesthesia]
What color is your sadness,
how high were you on love?
How deep should I bury madness,
while the world walks on above?

[deleted scene from Waiting to fall, working title 'Perchance (to dream)']
I lie here waiting, not sleeping,
wanting to visit the realm of dreaming.
Tags: writing

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