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Bits about me

I didn't have anything to add to my memories before, but now I have added my poems there. Also found out that I could add other people's entries, so I have added your poems too, hope you don't mind.

Well, I think I write poetry for when I don't have stuff to write about, and write about things when I don't have any finished poems. So what happens when I can't think of something to write about, and don't have another poem finished? Guess I could try write a few random things about myself.

Think I prefer things quiet, at least not noisy places so much. I like the local libraries when I get books to read. It's sort of wasted on me as I don't read that quickly, I have even seen some new books available that seem out not that long, such as 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell'.

Prefer not to be out in the rain, especially when it is also too windy that you can't use a brolly (umbrella).

If you are interested in astrology and horoscopes, then I'm a cancerian, and whatever that entails.

Like science and technology, did some chemistry and physics a long time ago, but not much science since. Like gadgets, but not cars as such, though that could be because I don't have one. :)

I can be messy and lazy, and sometimes late, though I don't like to be. I may tend to hide my feelings, and thoughts, how I am, so usually just express it in terms of general neutral state of contentment, i.e. I'm OK or things are fine. Guess I hold things in, probably introverted?

Guess you could ask me questions, if there are things you would like to know about, but I'm not sure I can answer them. I'm not that good at introspection, and knowing my own thoughts and feelings that well.
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