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Five questions interview meme

1. Leave me a comment expressing interest in being interviewed
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. (Subject to time and the possible running out of inspiration)
3. Then update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others ask to be interviewed, ask them five questions.

I was interviewed by miss__scarlet
1) What kind of work do you do, and is this where you thought you would work when you were at school?
At the moment, it's manual work, moving stuff, operating machinery type work. Nope, this would not be where I thought I would be when I was at school. I was the sort of person who didn't know what they wanted to do in life, so had no idea of what I could be doing in the future. I guess I still am, because if asked what type of work I would like, I can only give vague answers such as working with computers or something creative or fun. I didn't get much career advice or have aptitude tests so don't know what I could be suitable for.

2) What do you most enjoy about living in London?
There are lots of things that are nice here, but I can't pick one. I have not traveled much, so cannot compare how different locations feel to London. It's a cosmopolitan capital city, with different communities, interesting places and things to see and experience. I guess almost anything that you are interested in or like can be found here.
Other people have a better way of saying it : 'what I like about London'

3) If you were forced to take a holiday, all expenses paid, where would you choose to go?
Considering that I have been abroad only to one place, I wouldn't mind a holiday like that, doesn't need that much forcing for me to go. :)
If I can pick more than one location, it would be a round the world trip, visiting as many countries as I can. That way I can go to the places and see the sights that I have never seen, do the touristy things and maybe visit people that I know online, but have not met. The same thing but on a lesser scale would be traveling around Europe or America, if I had to limit it one place.

4) What is your favourite thing to wear and why do you like it?
In terms of ornaments or jewelery, I don't wear anything except my watch. As for clothes, I can't say that I have a favourite. I feel that I am unstylish or don't have much of a sense for fashion, so I just wear casual things whenever possible: t-shirt, jeans and sweater. At home it's similar, something like a sweatsuit that I can lounge about in.

5) Name a person dead or alive, real or fictional who you would like to meet, and why?
Could not come up with a definite person for this question.
My first answer would be 'my future significant other', someone who loves me (as I am) now, because that would save a bit of time. :)
Another person I would like to meet is a mentor, someone with wit and wisdom, who can teach me, help me grow and develop into something better, into someone who can overcome problems and can get through life with less worries. I can't think of a single entity to fill that role.
If I was really lucky, these two roles could be found in the same person.

and interviewed by kittygopounce
1. What makes you doubt that I wouldn't find your answers enjoyable or interesting or intelligent (or all of the above)?
I didn't mean it like that exactly. It's just I feel that my communication skills are a little rusty from not having posted for a while and the little conversation that I get. Having a tricky time trying to put things in writing, and answering some of the questions, especially when the answers are not definitive. It's taken me a few days answering Morven's and your questions. I'm glad when you find what I write enjoyable, it is just that sometimes I feel that it is interesting enough, when I compare it to others' writing. Probably a slight inferiority complex.

2. What was your favourite subject at school? Why? Has the subject had any impact on your adult life?
Don't think there was one particular subject that I liked more than others, liked a number of them. Let's see, I liked Maths, English and the sciences of Chemistry and Physics (maybe could say science in general if I had to pick one subject). Also liked art, music and French, but was not so good at those. Why? because some of them were fun and interesting, with some subjects allowing creativity, while others were about knowledge, and I wasn't too bad at some of them.
I think my favourite subjects have had some effect in some way or another.
Mathematics is almost everywhere in some form or other, such as computer studies, games and puzzles like sudoku.
English of course leads to reading and writing, from enjoying stories and writings of others to posting on LiveJournal, and trying to communicate thoughts and ideas through conversation.
Chemistry and Physics have probably influenced my like for science fiction and related things, like James Bond's gadgets, computers, robots and machines in anime, and how things work in general.

3. Tell me the earliest (shareable) memory that you recall. How old were you when this memory takes place?
I think my earliest memory is around age of 3 to 5 or so, not sure. It's just a memory of playing and maybe falling over outside, not really much. I think we have a photo of around that time (not of said falling over incident), doubt you'd want to see it. There is another memory of playing indoors with a drum, either a christmas or birthday present, not sure if that would be a later or earlier one.
My early memories are pretty patchy, my later ones aren't that complete either. :)

4. What is your favourite meal/dish? Do you know how to cook it? Or do you frequent multiple restaurants in search of the ultimate version? Why is it your favourite meal?
I like most things, so don't know what would be a favourite. Fish and chips are nice, so are pizzas, fast food, pasta and simple things like bangers (sausages) and mash with egg on bread. I guess if I had to choose it would be the dishes from chinese restaurants as a favourite. When I was younger (and seldom these days) we sometimes went to Chinatown in London to meet family and 'have tea' at a chinese restaurant. Generally liked most of the dishes, though there are somethings that I didn't, like chicken feet. Part of the appeal I think was the dining out, being at a restaurant when younger, and trying dishes that we would not usually have at home, like Dim Sum. I do not know how to cook any of those things and don't go out to restaurants that often so don't quest for the ultimate version.

5. Chocolate. White, milk, dark. Why? Why not? Any fillings/flavours in particular?
I like chocolate of the milk and white variety, not so keen on the dark kind. Probably because I like sweet things, dark chocolate being more bitter and I don't like bitter so much (which may also be why I don't like coffee much either). Don't mind little amounts of dark chocolate on jaffa cakes, but that's about it. With chocolate selection boxes, I tend to prefer soft centres to hard ones, so don't mind strawberry, orange, caramel, turkish delight type things.

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