istoo (istoo) wrote,

Repulsion Attraction

Here are two poems which I had thought were ok to show people, thought I had written them down someplace but couldn't find them until now. There are two separate poems, which I guess you read the left hand one then right hand side, as they sort of go together.

Repulsion Attraction
Your stare freezes me, confines me. Your look sees me, frees me.
Your sneer cuts me, weakens me. Your smile delights me, teases me.
Your words attack me, torment me. Your kiss melts me, seals me.
Your slap stings me, reduces me. Your touch holds me, enfolds me.
Your obsession bleeds me, scares me. Your care heals me, moves me.
Your hate burns me, lowers me. Your love warms me, lifts me.
You denied me, and destroyed me. You defeated me, and completed me.

The idea was that they were mirrored / reflected aspects of each other, good and bad, love and hate sides, but it's not quite perfect. And I get to do a little more HTML code with a table.
Tags: poetry, writing

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