istoo (istoo) wrote,

Pub Chat

"Someone told me about the art of conversation, but I wasn't listening."

Nothing like a good conversation with friends.
Met up with userinfoVladimir again, cellardoor28 and snowking. Those two are a nice couple, and the first LJists that I have met (at least London ones, Vladimir is mostly on greatestjournal now, so not sure he counts :).

The weather was okay, so we went to a pub to chat. I can see why people like to go to pubs, and have a nice conversation in amiable company. Though public houses would not be my first choices, as I prefer a less smoky noisy atmosphere, but we sat outside so was fine.

Been a while since had a sit down and nice informal chat, was fun. They talked about lots of things, while I was my usual quiet self and let the others talk, because they are more interesting. So far, when people first meet me, I'm not very chatty, but can get talkative when I feel more comfortable. We spent a few hours watching the people go by and discussing this and that. As was remarked, the things people talk about help form a different image to the impression one gets from just reading their journal online.

Hope to see them again sometime.

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